Sunday, June 11, 2006

Parker Days

We went to the Parker Days parade yesterday and the little annual festival they have with rides and booths. Her little body got a bit overheated during the parade, and she was not very happy during that time. We had a picnic in the shade and played on the playground. That helped cheer her up!

Ashleigh is still pretty young for almost all the rides and slides there, but she got to ride on a horse for the first time yesterday, which was her favorite part. She kept saying 'ride horse' the entire time she was on it and just loves horses. She also enjoyed the petting zoo with the large turtle, camel, and kangaroo. Imagine that! (and they live out in the same neighborhood as my in-laws do.)

Going down the inflatable slide together,
I think mom enjoyed it a lot more than Ashleigh

Her first encounter with a turtle.

Riding Cheyenne, her first ride on a horse

Wheee! Gedyup!

These were taken the night before in our backyard with our friends Danny and Suzanne's son, Evan. They came over for dinner on Friday as they were in town for a short time and have been living in Chicago on a year-long job assignment since January. It's a less than ideal situation for them with Danny working 12+ hour days and weekends and never seeing his son, so we're praying for them that they can find something more local and live a normal life again.

Evan (1-yr on 6/30), Suzanne, and Danny

This last picture is Ashleigh's friend, Chase, who lives down the street from us and who's mom is also a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). It's nice having a friend who lives close to hang out with during the day and it's fun also to get the kids together to play frequently. Their family just moved here 2 months ago from Kansas and I met her on my first day of my new job as a domestic engineer (ha, ha).

Ashleigh and Chase, our neighbor