Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ashleigh's Fourth Birthday Party

We celebrated Ashleigh's fourth birthday on Saturday with a fun party and lots of our friends and family came over to our house. The kids made party hats (and John too) out of construction paper, colored them, and put on stickers and ribbons. We also had a tacos and nachos for dinner and choice of chocolate cake or lemon cake with ice cream for dessert. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed on the day of the party and am so thankful for Rob's help with baking both cakes and making the glazes. He has quite a baking talent!

Ashleigh's friends Noah, Mackenzie, Savannah, (Ashleigh) and Brianna making party hats

The adults helping and watching the hat making

The kids having dinner

Yum! That's what I was waiting for!
Rob's chocolate cake with chocolate glaze and lemon cake with lemon glaze

Friends enjoying cake

Watching present opening

I realize I haven't blogged now in over a month and while not too much has happened in that month, I have gotten a little bit bigger. Here's a picture of me at 27 weeks (as some of you have been asking for one). I was so good about taking and posting pictures while I was pregnant with Ethan and however, with our new boy on the way and two little ones to take care of, I haven't had as much time, plus kids nap time almost always = my nap time too, so there isn't much free time in the day for blogging.

I also just had to post this video I took on September 18th, about 2 weeks after Ethan took his first step. He's 15 months old in this video. Can you imagine learning how to walk now as an adult? Looks pretty painful! But Ethan's having fun from the looks of it. He's gotten so much better over the past month and barely falls at all now, but I hope you're as amused as I was watching this!