Friday, April 06, 2007

First Haircut

This was so fun today! I took Ashleigh to Lollilocks for her first haircut. She did great and sat very still while they cut her hair (no crying either and a sucker afterwards). They even made up a certificate for her with a picture and locks of hair in a clear envelope with her name and the date. Very cute! Here are the before, during, and after pictures:

Before the haircut in the play area

Are we done yet?!?

Yea! Now we're done!

What an improvement!

On a side note, my back and siatic nerve are feeling much better now! Seems those physical therapists know what they're talking about. I'm watching my posture when picking up the kids and doing chores around the house. I've also been wearing one of those maternity support belts that she recommended since Tuesday, which also helps, especially when I'm using the treadmill.
Before, I was feeling like 10 weeks was an eternity before I'd get to feeling better, and now feel a renewed energy. Don't think it's the spring weather as it's 30F here today with icy rainy drizzle. I do love this time of year, even if it is cold now and then, spring is my favorite season.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Healthy baby (Praise God!)

I had my ultrasound on Friday and found out that the baby's kidneys are back within a normal range and were around the same size as my previous ultrasound four weeks prior! No more monitoring or ultrasounds and we also don't need to visit with a specialist. I truly believe God hears and answers prayers, so thank you all for your prayers and kind words during this uncertain time!

As for my pregnancy, I'm definitely feeling like it's the last trimester. My lower back is sore sometimes and my siatic nerve is pinched too. Not to the point where I can't do things, but definitely where I feel it when I do certain things. Walking on the treadmill and various stretches help. I started my weekly physical therapy appointments with a pre-natal specialist yesterday who gave me several tips on how to lift kids, get out of bed, and do chores around the house. It is really amazing how your body changes when you're pregnant! From reduced range of motion to the loose ligaments and joints. Eleven weeks to go now! I think this last trimester will probably go by the slowest, even though the pregnancy really has flown by.

On a side note, we got Ashleigh's spring pictures taken last week and I am taking her in this Friday for her first haircut and Easter pictures. I pasted in the low resolution pictures from the photographer's website above and if you want to see the other three or order pictures, click on the link in the space below, but I warn you that they're expensive...