Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Our Fourth of July weekend

Ethan driving the new car we gave him for his birthday

What a great weekend we had over the Fourth of July! It was busy, but good. Rob even got a full three-day weekend, which I believe will be a thing of the past once their production plant comes on-line in a few months. On Friday, the fourth, our family went swimming with my mom at her neighborhood pool where they had lunch and activities for the kids. After a busy day with short naps, the kids were both asleep by 8, so we didn't go anywhere to watch fireworks, but were pleasantly surprised by the professional show going on a few blocks from our house at Southlands mall that we could watch from our backyard.

On Saturday, we went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and met my friend Amy and her family there at a performance of these flexible and acrobatic people from New Mexico. I can't really put into words what I saw, but it was artistic and fluid movement from the performers on stilts, from swings, and a two-story tower they turned into their own jungle gym. Ashleigh and Ethan also got to paint on a large wall in the kids' section and we walked around to most of the individual artist booths. Although it wasn't that hot (cloudy and 85-90F), both of our kids threw up that night from heat exhaustion (we're assuming, since it was the one and only time), so we made good use yet again of our new steam cleaner on the car's upholstery, car seat, and floor mats.

Flexion performance at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival

More of the swinging on stilts performance

Hanging from the top

Ashleigh, our little painter

We didn't give hime the paints, but Ethan did get to use the marker for a bit

Our exhausted kids at the art festival

Sunday, we took Ashleigh to her first Rockies game with our old small group (and left Ethan at home with a friend, as we didn't want him to get hot, bored and/or tired without a nap). It was a perfect day, including a free parking space a block and a half away from Coors Field. Great weather with just a little rain and wind. We had a huge thunderstorm at our house during the game, but nice weather where we were. The Rockies lost 10-5 and Tulo and Helton were out on injuries, but we enjoyed the company of our old friends and the other kids kept each other entertained as well, so Ashleigh wasn't bored until they left in the 8th inning.

Ashleigh's First baseball game at Coors Field

Janice, Ashleigh and Rob watching the game

Our old small group at the game