Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tyler at 2 months!

Wow! I can't believe how quickly these two months have passed! My apologies for not posting more pictures, but here are some cute ones. He's been smiling at me all the time lately and I finally caught one on the camera! His first smile came right around 5 weeks old. He also recently slept through the night for a 10 hour stretch about a week ago, but hasn't repeated it since, so he's still typically waking up one or two times in the night.

Being snuggly before leaving him with Grandma Debbie for our first date night alone. We went out last Saturday night to a great wine bar in Parker and had a great night of munching on Tapas, sipping wine, and having uninterrupted conversation - priceless!

Ashleigh's First Poker Game

So we aren't corrupting our little daughter just yet. We don't play serious poker, and this wasn't even with real money, but we do have quite the Maverick on our hands as she actually won the last hand when Rob and I were already down and our two friends had two pairs they were comparing, when Ashleigh pipes in with look what I have - 3 Jacks! Unbelievable! She was not happy about winning though as it was bedtime and she was crying because she wanted to keep playing!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stuck, stuck, stuck

You wouldn't think a pre-schooler's head would fit perfectly in this ring.

Yesterday, Ashleigh was playing with a toy that has two paddles and a ball you hit with the paddles and managed to get the paddle centered perfectly around her head and wouldn't come off. She panicked, and after trying for a bit to get it off without hurting her forehead or yanking too hard to injure her neck, I panicked a little and called Rob. Ahhh, my level-headed husband, already in problem-solving mode at work had some suggestions for how to cut it off (all I could think of was to saw it off - being made of hard plastic, but then had visions of the saw slipping and doing permanent damage to that cute rosy-cheeked face). His solution - cut off the net and use wire cutters to cut the plastic. Much safer! Well, after cutting off the net, the ring slipped down around her neck (again much safer than being right up against her head!) and the whole thing came off like a shirt, face first, and no cutting involved! Problem solved, whew!

My Hero!

Here are some pictures of the improvements Rob made to our bathroom last weekend - he's amazing! Problem-solving, level-headed, and great at starting and finishing home-improvement projects. I love my husband! In one weekend, he replaced the downstairs bathroom faucet, towel bar, toilet paper holder, light fixture and all the toilet seats in the house. Also, for you potty-training moms, Home Depot sells a toilet seat with a kid's seat that folds into the lid, which we also got for the upstairs kids' bathroom.