Friday, July 27, 2007

Family Reunion Weekend

Ashleigh feeding the giraffe at the Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo

My cousins walking around at the zoo

Hanging out at the hotel pool with the family

Jennifer, Ethan, and Me dressed alike

Ventriloquism act during a talent show

We just had a family reunion last weekend in Colorado Springs and Woodland Park for my dad's side. We went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo together on Friday, which was my first outing with both kids and without Rob. I was quite proud of myself for getting all of us ready and at the zoo in Colorado Springs by 11 am. Ashleigh's favorite part of the zoo was feeding the giraffes crackers. She just loved it! They have these long black tongues that grab the crackers right out of your hands. She also loved the alligators. Even though Rob wasn't with me, my sister and her husband helped me out and pushed the double stroller up the hills.

After the zoo, we got ice cream together, then drove out to the hotel and went swimming in their pool. We also had dinner together as a group and watched the talent show for anyone who wanted to perform. It was lots of fun and the kids are adorable with their singing acts. My sister also hosted a BBQ at their house as part of the reunion on Saturday and we enjoyed that as well as Rob was able to meet some of my family that couldn't make it for the wedding or the young kids who weren't around yet. On the way to the BBQ, Ashleigh did get car sick about two houses away from my sister's house, and while I didn't have an extra outfit for Ashleigh in the diaper bag, my sister's neighbors were holding a garage sale and happened to have 4T outfits that were very cute. Goes to show God always provides, even in the midst of a parental crisis.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Chris & Ashley's Wedding

Janice, Laurie, Ethan (2 1/2 wks), and Ruby (2 1/2 yrs) waiting for the rain to stop

Ethan, Janice, and Rob before the ceremony

Beautiful Wedding!

The happy couple enjoying dinner together

Our friends, Chris and Ashley were married on July 14th in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. They had a beautiful outdoor wedding and reception in the mountains of southwest Colorado. There was a two-hour rain delay on the ceremony, but it did let up long enough to still have the wedding outside and it was very touching. My friend, Mike, performed the ceremony and did an excellent job. We had a wonderful time and got to see friends from high school I hadn't seen in years! It's like the 10-year reunion we never had. (Not quite, but probably the closest we'll have since one was never planned).

Ethan did well too for his first road trip and we took a detour through Albuquerque to visit with Rob's brother on Friday night and so he could see baby Ethan. He's the only one of both Rob's and my family (parents and siblings) that doesn't live in Colorado and we're blessed to have everyone so close. Ashleigh got to stay in Denver with Grandma and enjoyed the one-on-one attention she could give her that Rob and I can't right now, so she also had fun.

Rob's Brother Rick with Ethan

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fourth of July and Welcome Home Ethan Party

Spending some quality time with Dad

After Ethan's first tub bath holding Dad's hand

Ethan, Ashleigh, Hanna, and Amy watching a band at the Cherry Creek Art Festival

Sway Pole performers at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Mom and Baby Ethan at our party (18 days old)

Kenzie, Eden, Ashleigh, Grace, Carson, and Josh playing backyard games at our party

Ethan is almost three weeks old now and doing well. For his first fourth of July, we watched fireworks in Parker with Rob's parents and brother. It was Ashleigh's first fourth where we were close to the fireworks and she kept saying 'I want to go home!' Rob ended up covering her ears and she seemed to settle down once we told her they weren't going to land on her or hurt her. Ethan slept through the entire show. We also went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival with Amy and Hanna on Friday as part of our fourth of July tradition during the last three years. I had my five seconds of fame when the Channel 2 news interviewed me and showed Ashleigh, Ethan, and Hanna in strollers and me behind them on the 9:00 news.

On Saturday, we had our Welcome Home Ethan party with 35 people who came over to help us celebrate (our largest party yet!). It was a great time and Rob grilled burgers, hot dogs, and brats for everyone. We feel so richly blessed to have both our families in the area and so many wonderful friends. Relationships are what really matter in this life as it doesn't matter at the end what you have, but it's the people who's lives you affected and were a part of. It's how God used you to reach others and I believe he gave us the gift of relationships and the ability to love others so that we wouldn't have to do it alone.