Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Christmas, Sledding, and Snow

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. January has nearly passed and I have yet to post a blog for the month or Christmas pictures, for that matter. As an update to the last month, we have gotten snow every week for the last six weeks and I'm getting pretty tired of the snow and cold. They never came by to plow or streets either so now we have six inch high ice ruts that several cars and even minivans and trucks have gotten stuck in while getting into or out of their driveways on our street. Typical Colorado winters have snow and cold, but then it's 60 F for a week and all the snow is gone. I'd say with all these snow storms and our north-facing yard, that the pile in front of our house is about the same as it was when I took the blizzard pictures in December.

I've been feeling well and am now half-way through my pregnancy. I have my ultrasound appointment this Friday, but we're waiting until the delivery this time to find out whether we're having a boy or a girl. It'll probably drive me nuts since I'm a planner type, but these last 20 weeks have flown by, so we don't have too much longer to wait and see. I find this pregnancy to be easier than when I was pregnant with Ashleigh and I think it's the extra rest and not working full-time that's helped.

Our Christmas was good, even though the three of us were sick with colds. We went sledding and to church on Christmas Eve and to my brother's house for brunch Christmas day and to my in-laws parents' house for Christmas dinner. Here are a few pictures from Christmas.

Rob and Ashleigh decorating a gingerbread house

Bundled up in our front yard in front of our 'sledding hill'

Ashleigh sledding on Christmas Eve at our house

Jacob, Mackenzie, Ashleigh, and Ashley at church

The family after church on Christmas Eve

Opening gifts on Christmas Eve

My brother and Ashleigh on Christmas Day

Christmas Day at Rob's parents'

Grandma and Ashleigh on Christmas