Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Potty Training Accidents

Ugh! Just when I thought Ashleigh was potty trained, now come the accidents. We were 11 days without any incidents, but we had a pee accident on the floor in the bathroom this morning (no big deal, just throw the floor rugs into the washer and some 409 on the floor and it's cleaned up). She was also very cranky and when she refused to eat anything for lunch, I thought maybe she wasn't feeling well. After a short nap, she felt warm, so I took her temperature. I found out she had a fever of 100.6 F and was a little relieved that her crankiness was sick related.

Kenzie, Ashleigh, and I played Play-doh for a while, and I put Ashleigh back to bed. While Tracy was over to pick up Kenzie, Ashleigh woke up again after another short nap, cranky and waiting for me at the top of the stairs. I picked her up to bring her downstairs and when I was setting her down on the couch, noticed her lumpy bottom. She had her first poop accident without a diaper since we started potty training three weeks ago and it really was awful. I don't think it would have been so bad, if not for Tracy waiting for me to finish cleaning up Ashleigh and her clothes (more laundry). She did help me out by holding Ethan and keeping Kenzie out of the bathroom. However, when I made the comment, "that's the fun of potty training", after everything was cleaned up, she said "I want to have Kenzie potty trained by the time the new baby comes." Now Kenzie just turned 2 and is showing great promise by going on the potty and is very interested right now, but I really don't want to have two potty-training toddlers plus a newborn. We would never leave the house! After a day like today, I'm almost ready to put Ashleigh back in diapers (well, not quite because she did have a fever), but I'd definitely say it was a discouraging and very challenging day, to say the least.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ethan's First Camping Trip

Rob, Ashleigh, Ethan, and Janice at the falls

Ethan in the Snugli dazed by the trees

Meadow where we saw a moose on our hike

Hanging out at the campsite

Rob making s'mores with the kids

A few weeks ago, we took little Ethan camping with three other families from our small group near Grand Lake. At just 5 1/2 weeks old, he did amazing! He's definitely a trooper and babies seem so adaptable to different surroundings. He woke up once in the night the first night, then the second night was colder, so he did sleep half the night in Rob's sleeping bag and the second half in mine so that he'd be warm. He also performed an amazing feat after we got home from the trip and he was laying on the floor, he rolled over for the first time! Rob and I missed it as our backs were turned, but Ashleigh saw it and said "Ethan's doing something!"

Speaking of Ashleigh, she fell in the creek by the campsite and was drenched from head to toe. Actually quite scary as a parent as it was waist-deep water. At least it wasn't fast moving, or our little girl may have been swept away. Although she is still scared of water, but maybe that's a good thing. Here's the after picture:

We've been doing well and are getting some sleep now. Ethan started sleeping through the night a week ago, but now, Ashleigh is waking us up to use the potty. We started potty training with Ashleigh a few weeks ago and she's definitely getting the hang of it. No accidents for over a week now! Yea, Ashleigh! We're so proud of her. I'd say potty training has been THE most challenging thing I've done as a parent so far. Some parents have said potty training is the pits of parenting and others say that's as hard as parenting gets, but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet...