Friday, February 29, 2008

Home & Garden Show

We went to the Colorado Home and Garden Show last weekend in Denver. We decided to take the light-rail train into downtown since we didn't want to deal with Friday afternoon rush-hour. Ashleigh loved the train! She was so excited, even though everyone was tired on the way home and Rob was longing for our car. Makes you appreciate having your own car and the choice of whether to take public transportation or driving to get there.

We've also been battling colds and Ethan had a flu bug last week with a fever and throwing up, so I'm happy to say we're all well again this week. It's so hard when the little ones are sick! Ashleigh gets more whiny and Ethan was just obviously unhappy, so last week was one of the hardest I've had in a while. Luckily, I dodged both the cold and the flu bugs and Rob had some congestion, but was otherwise healthy. Because of illnesses around our house, the home and garden show was the first time Ethan, Ashleigh, and I left the house in four days. It was such a welcome outing - smelling all those fresh flowers and strolling the gardens in the middle of February!

Ethan and Janice on the light-rail train
(first train ride for Ethan and Ashleigh!)

Curious Bear outside of the Convention Center (Ashleigh loved this!)

Ethan touching the tulips

Garden at the Colorado Home & Garden Show

Ethan and Ashleigh playing in the tent
(happy kids before flu strikes)

Unhappy sick Ethan
"Can't you make this go away, Mommy?"

Every month, on the 20th, we do gray blanket pictures to document Ethan's growth every month. I took the above picture two days late and he was still feeling bad (on the 20th, he was throwing up and had a fever, so I wasn't even thinking about taking pictures then). I think when he's one year old, I'll post them all together as it's fun to look at the small changes that take place and I didn't do this with Ashleigh. Amy had a collage of 12 pictures all on one page of a baby growing and I thought it was a great idea. Now, if I can just remember to do it for the next four months!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day this year, Rob and I had Moroccan food last Saturday at Maatam Fez in Denver. They had pretty good food, 5-courses for one price and you got to take off your shoes and sit on pillows on the floor and eat only with your hands, so the cultural traditions were fun. They also had a belly dancer who was going around giving lessons to those who were willing to try. It was interesting, just not an atmosphere that's conducive to talking or as romantic as some date nights we've gone on. Still, we appreciate the opportunity to get away together for any stretch.

We also got a ski day in at Copper on Monday the week before, which was awesome! The mountains have been getting a ton of snow lately, so the conditions were great and going on a weekday, we didn't have to deal with skier traffic or lift lines, so we got a lot of runs in. It was our first ski day in two years, since I was pregnant with Ethan last season, and it came back to us pretty quickly. Our second run of the day, I accidentally led us down a black run with moguls, which was tough on a snowboard, but I did pretty well and think my husband was actually enjoying them. It snowed all day and we found powder pockets, even at the end of the day, so it ranks up there as one of my favorite ski days.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Family News

Ethan trying to climb out of his carseat

Ethan has been more vocal lately, especially with the Ba-ba-bas and the Ma-ma-mas. It's just adorable when he tries to sing loudly too. No teeth for Ethan yet, but we sometimes think he's teething (it's hard to tell with such a happy baby!) Ashleigh has been good too, she had her last swim lesson on Wednesday and starts gymnastics at the rec center a week from Monday. Rob and I also get to go skiing together on Monday, and hopefully we won't have a repeat of the Crested Butte fiasco with a winter storm scheduled to hit Sunday evening. We'll still try to go, I think, as we haven't gone yet this season and my mother-in-law is also taking a vacation day on Monday to watch the kids, so babysitting is taken care of. We are so looking forward to it!

I never thought a washer and dryer could bring me such joy, but they do! Rob and his brother Jon moved the washer and dryer from the basement to the main floor last weekend (Ashleigh helped too with her toy drill) and with the money my dad gave us for Christmas, we were able to buy a new dryer that dries the clothes in half the time as the old one, giving me the gift of time (thanks, Dad!). It's also much less energy carrying clothes up and down one story now, rather than down to the basement and back (so thanks also Rob and Jon!)

Daddy's Lil Helper

So the family news I titled this blog after isn't just what we've been up to, but is actually pretty serious. My brother came over on Tuesday and told me that he and his wife have decided to get a divorce, and I can't stop thinking about what that means for us and them. For one, I'm really going to miss his wife as she is a wonderful person and has always been great with our kids. Thankfully, they don't have any kids themselves, but I will miss her and the fact that family gatherings will never be the same again. I'm really sad about the situation and don't think the kids or I will even get to say good-bye to her. They have their reasons that I won't elaborate on here, but I'm praying and hoping they can work things out and salvage what's left of their marriage.