Monday, September 22, 2008

Picking Berries

Last week, some moms and I got together at Berry Patch Farm in Brighton to pick strawberries and raspberries. The kids had a great time! They had some farm animals there (ducks, chickens, and a little pot-bellied pig who stole one of the kids' lunches!) We got to ride a little tractor pulled wagon out to the fields, which all the kids loved, except for Ethan in the backpack who was getting pretty scared. I wasn't doing much bending down and picking as I had Ethan on my back, but I would find them and Ashleigh would pick them and we had a good system going at that point. Being 5 months pregnant, I was quite tired at the end of the day and noticed I was a bit sore from all the walking with the backpack and the few squats I did attempt. The kids and I were able to make a berry cobbler from the raspberries we had picked and topped it with vanilla ice cream for a scrumptious dessert.

We've also been doing some swimming (indoor, of course), meeting with my MOPS group, going to the park and enjoying the warm weather we've been having. I know today is the official first day of fall, but with these 80+ degree days, it feels like fall is a long way off still! There's much to do still before our new little guy arrives, but for now, we've been out playing and enjoying the beautiful weather. I can't believe my due date is just four months away!

Kenzie, Ashleigh, and Noah petting the pig

Loaded up for our ride out to the strawberry fields

Hanna, Ashleigh, and Kenzie riding in the wagon

Christie, Felicity, me, and Ethan in the backpack

The girls picking (and eating) strawberries

Monday, September 15, 2008

Six wonderful years!

Rob and I just celebrated our six-year wedding anniversary this past weekend while Debbie and Terry took the kids for the night. I can't believe how quickly the time passes and just how different life is for us now than it was six years ago. We were reflecting on the past year during dinner together Saturday and God's tremendous faithfulness to us when we trust Him. A few years ago, I was terrified of staying home with Ashleigh and to live on one income, thinking about the sacrifices we'd have to make and lifestyle changes that would mean. Well, God has grown me to where I don't even miss most of those things (although an occasional week-long vacation to a warm beach would be nice, I guess we can settle for camping if that means me being able to stay home the rest of the year!) We truly are happy together and are blessed with two healthy, happy kids and another that will be here in just a few short months. We had a very happy anniversary close to home with dinner at Ted's Montana Grill and walking around our outdoor mall and finishing off a beautiful night watching the sunset while eating ice cream from Cold Stone.

Speaking of our wedding anniversary, on Monday night, a week ago, Ashleigh, Ethan, and I made the drive up to LaPorte, CO to go to my friend, Sara's wedding. It's just NW of Ft. Collins, but still a little under a two-hour drive. Rob has been working long days and getting home late, so he just came home and rested, rather than working a half day to make it to the wedding on time. What a great time with old friends from Action, a young-adult ministry group some friends and I started eight years ago in my living room Golden (and I'm glad to hear it's still going!). It morphed from a Bible study of new believers meeting on Friday nights instead of going to the bars (my old lifestyle), to the marriage hook-up group. I think we counted six couples over the years who met there and were later married. Rob and I met our freshman year of college at Mines, so we weren't one of the six, but he did drive up from the Springs every weekend while we were dating to come to Action. Fun memories and it was great seeing everyone again!

Friends Rachel and Brent

Friends from Action Ryan and Carrie (one of the six)

Dancing with Ashleigh and Ethan

Ashleigh and Rachel and Clint's son, Lucas (2 1/2 yrs) playing behind the curtains

My friend, Sara (what a gorgeous dress!!!)

The brick placement ceremony with Sara and Chris' names and wedding date

Took this one the next morning while doing laundry
(a little sleepy from the late night!)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

We're having a Boy!

I thought I should write a post for the curious who have been periodically checking my blog that we found out we are having another boy in January. It was definitely a boy and an active one at that as he started out on his back and was on his stomach by the end of the appointment! Everything on the ultrasound measured normal, which was a relief from my last pregnancy with Ethan where the kidneys measured small on this ultrasound and I ended up having 5 ultrasounds during my pregnancy. I'm now 20 weeks along and half-way there. Unbelievable how the time is flying!

Last week, I got to go to a fun place called Tiny Town in the mountains near Morrison with my dear friend Karrie, her mom, and her son, Rusty. There are over 100 buildings that are 1/6th the size of their actual scale and are based on the real buildings. Some of them have dollhouse furniture inside, consistent with the little store's theme, and some of them are open so that the kids can actually crawl inside them. Very fun!

Rusty, Ethan, and Ashleigh inside the Denver firehouse

Ethan outside of the Denver Mint building
He just loved looking into all the windows!

Ashleigh and Ethan outside of a windmill

We also have seen some friends this week for playdates and I had my first MOPS meeting this morning. I met several really nice moms and a surprisingly large number of pregnant women too. They meet twice a month and have a great kids program. Rob painted our downstairs bathroom too last weekend over Labor Day and we attended the first block party for our neighborhood Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, it was the reunion of my high school friends, including one person we hadn't seen in 8 years because we all lost touch with him. I suppose if I joined Facebook or one of those other networking sites, I could reconnect with lots of people I've lost touch with, but then I barely have enough time in the day for my family and the friends I do keep in touch with, so I think I'll just go on like I have been.

The high school crew - Me, Chris, Laurie, and Josh

The kids and I saw my Dad for lunch on Saturday while Rob was at work and the four of us went swimming at my mom's pool for one last swim before closing on Labor Day. Ethan is so close to walking now and walks holding one hand. Here are some picts from Monday.

Ashleigh floating and kicking with the noodles

Ethan and I at the pool

Rob and Ethan walking in the baby pool