Thursday, May 25, 2006


Cousin Katie (7) and Ashleigh (19 mo)

They called his name, I snap the pict and forget to cheer...

We've had a busy few weeks! I'm enjoying my time at home and it's a lot less stress than working was. When Ashleigh used to go down for her nap, that was my focused working time. Never a break or time out for myself until after she went to sleep at the end of the day, but by then, you're so exhausted, you just want to call it a day early or veg on the couch. Now, I feel much more rested and can nap when Ashleigh naps or take time for myself during the day.

I put in some pictures from my brother-in-law's graduation from college and although I missed my sister-in-law's graduation the night before, we made it to the graduation party. Priorities, right? Her graduation started after Ashleigh's bedtime, so that would have been rough on all of us if we had gone. Instead, Ashleigh and I went to a neighbor's surprise 30th birthday party and I had her back home and in bed by 7. I'm proud of them and they both now have jobs in the real world - Tina with a preschool in Denver and Rick with the IRS in Albequerque. Congratulations Rick and Tina!

This past week, we've been spending time with friends and also going to the pool and park and getting ready for our weekend camping trip this Memorial Day with our friends Zach and Laurie (pictures to follow soon). We're looking forward to camping with Ashleigh now that she's mobile and doesn't have to be confined to the tent. She hated that and when we had her out on the blanket, she'd crawl off and eat rocks and pinecones. She is excited too and has been getting in and out of her new kids camp chair we setup in the livingroom and her new sleeping bag. No more sharing our bags, sleeping between Rob and I, as we need our space and cuddle time before bed. This is why I never let Ashleigh get used to the idea of sleeping in our bed - not the fear of suffocation during the night, but that it's important to cuddle at the end of the day and to just feel loved and it kills the intimacy real quick to have an infant in bed with you.

Happy Memorial Day and God bless our troops and their families. Thank you for our freedom and what you do for our country!

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